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A.T.L.D: Accelerated Tennis Learning and Development. Whether you are brand new to the game or an experienced player, young or old, A.T.L.D has the knowledge and experience to teach you the game, or take your current play to the next level at an accelerated pace.

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Chandler Phoenix Tennis Lessons
Private Lessons: $50/hour
Bulk Packages Available: 5/$230, 10/$430, 15/$600


Kids 7 and Under: $40/hour


The fastest way to learn the game or improve problem areas. Lessons will be tailored to your specific needs and improvement is a guarantee.

Chandler /Phoenix  East Valley Tennis Lessons
Semi-Private Lessons: $70/hour ($35/person)
Bulk Packages Available: 5/$310, 10/$560, 15/$750


Learn the game with, or test your skills against a friend. Semi private lessons allow the participants to receive instruction and then use these new skills in fun and competitive ways with and against a partner. They also lower the per person cost.

Chandler / Phoenix East Valley Tennis Lessons
Hitting Sessions: $40/hour
Bulk Packages Available:
5/$180, 10/$330


For those players looking to get a full workout and advance their skills in a fully realistic setting. A high level of feedback will still be provided.

Online Coaching
Bulk Packages Available: 3 months/$135, 6 months/$240, 12 months/$420

A.T.L.D is pleased to add online tennis coaching to our list of services. With this option, you get the

same high quality instruction from the comfort of your home and at your own convenience. With the online coaching option you will receive the following:

Unlimited monthly text/email communication with coach David


Unlimited monthly video analysis of your shots and games, breaking down problems with technique and strategy.


Video responses whenever requested from coach David including demonstrations of proper technique.

One Zoom session with coach David per month.

to Why Take A.T.L.D Lessons?

Why Take A.T.L.D Lessons?

Simply put, you will learn and improve with A.T.L.D lessons at a faster rate than you will with other lessons. These lesson plans are based on 24 years of coaching experience at all levels, from beginner rec-center programs to NCAA university tennis teams. This has led to a wide range of knowledge in regards to all aspects of tennis, and to the development of unique lesson plans and drills that will speed up your ability to learn this game.


Unlike most coaches who teach an outdated and overly simplified version of tennis that is not reflective of the current game (and encourages bad habits from the start), with A.T.L.D lessons you will learn and practice the correct, modern way of playing tennis from your first time out on the court.


Along the way, you will receive a high level of feedback, combined with enthusiasm and encouragement that will make the process of learning this great game much more enjoyable.

A.T.L.D also aims to keep tennis affordable. By using easily accessible public access courts, and being independent of any clubs and their associated fees, we are able to avoid passing these costs on to clients, ensuring that you can get the highest quality instruction without breaking the bank.

About Coach David Hierck

About Coach David Hierck

David Hierck has been active in tennis for the past 29 years. His playing career began at the age of 10. The next 8 years were spent playing the junior tournament circuit throughout BC Canada and Washington State, along with trips to the BC Summer Games and high school tennis Provincials. The culmination of his junior career would lead to numerous scholarship offers from every level of NCAA competition, and in turn a playing career at Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri.


His coaching career began at the age of 15, when he was hired as the Junior Tennis Pro at the Nelson Tennis Club in Nelson, BC. Over the next few years, he coached at facilities in Castlegar, Trail, Vancouver  (coach at UBC summer tennis camps 2001-2002), and Kelowna (coach at Golds Gym and Racquet Club and Okanagan Mission Tennis Club). During his 4 years of university, he returned each summer to the BC Kootenays to run the tennis programs in Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail for 4 months, and also coached at clubs in the St. Louis area. Upon completion of his degree in Sports Administration, he returned to Lindenwood University to coach the Junior Varsity tennis team during their 2009 season. He returned to coaching in Vancouver in 2010, and launched A.T.L.D in April of 2012. During 4 years of operations in Vancouver, A.T.L.D became Vancouver's leading independent provider of tennis lessons, working with an average of 150 individuals per year.

Seeking a more tennis friendly climate, David moved to Chandler in July of 2016, bringing A.T.L.D tennis lessons to Phoenix and the East Valley.

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